Car washing mistakes that could cost you

While we may not enjoy it, a simple wash can make a big difference to your car.

When to wash

We live busy lives and often setting aside the time to wash your car is a luxury many of us simply cannot afford. But putting off the clean could be causing your paint some grief. Dirt, tree sap, bird droppings and pollutants will not only dull your car’s finish, but in some extreme cases, can even damage your paint. A once-a-week cleaning regime is ideal, but not always achievable. Realistically, aim to wash your car monthly.

Using the right products

It is important to ensure you use the right products that won’t damage your car’s exterior. Always use cleaning products specifically designed for cars, as well as clean, soft cloths and sponges to ensure you do not scratch your paint.

Car Heat

Washing your car at high temperatures can damage the finish more than you would think. Not only does heat make cleaning your car more difficult, but it can also cause deposits that may, in time, damage your paint. Try and park your car in the shade or wash in the afternoon, once the heat of the day has passed.


Waxing is often something that doesn’t cross our minds when we finish washing our car, but it is an important part in preserving your car’s exterior. Waxing your car at least twice a year can dramatically improve both the appearance and the condition of your car. It is recommended that the best time to wax your car is autumn and spring and by using products recommended by the car maker.

Protect your car

Talk to the team at Auto Advantage about its Perfexion range of paint, leather, fabric and rust protection. These cost effective treatments can help to keep your investment in tip top shape.

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