Are mobile speed camera warning signs a thing of the past?

Are mobile speed camera warning signs a thing of the past?

NSW drivers that depend on warning signs before a mobile speed camera may be in trouble.

As part of a report into mobile speed cameras, NSW Auditor General Margaret Crawford said the system at present is not effectively preventing drivers from speeding, and that the signage that warns drivers of upcoming speed cameras should no longer be displayed.

The current law is that a warning sign must be placed 250 metres ahead of the mobile speed camera to caution drivers that it is coming up.

“The use of multiple warning signs provides drivers with general reassurance that they will receive an obvious warning to slow down before potentially being caught speeding,” Ms Crawford wrote in the report.

“This limits the opportunity to moderate driver behaviour through causing drivers to be worried they could be caught anywhere, anytime” she said. She wants to create awareness that speeding can be enforced anywhere at any time without notice being given.

Ms Crawford backed up the audit with facts that the warning signage has substantial expenses and safety risks. “There are also additional costs associated with the signs, including the time for their set-up and removal, and additional site maintenance costs. Deploying signs puts the operators at risk of injury and signs routinely get stolen and damaged, which can disrupt a mobile speed camera session,” she said.

Even though Victoria has seen success from removing the signage, a spokesperson from the NSW Roads Minister’s office has reassured NSW drivers that they’re “not going to start pulling down signs like they do in Victoria.”

The team at Auto Advantage would like to remind all their clients to be careful on the roads and drive the speed limit, whether or not a mobile speed camera is set up or not.


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