Are you putting yourself in danger by being on your mobile phone?

Are you putting yourself in danger by being on your mobile phone?

Every day Australians are so engrossed in their mobile phones that they often don’t know what is going on around them.

Statistics say that in Queensland alone, 16 pedestrians have been killed compared to only 10 five years ago. Spokesman Paul Turner from the RACQ believes that penalties like jay walking should be brought in for pedestrians who are using their mobile phones or other devices when near a road or crossing to reduce the pedestrian fatalities and injuries.

“You stand at an intersection in CBD areas for half an hour and you’ll see five or 10 people just being saved or stopping themselves from walking out into traffic because they are looking down at their phone,” Mr Turner said.

The authorities have not been made privy to the RACQ thoughts, but they believe it is something that needs to be enforced quickly as the statistics are getting higher each month.

Assistant Police Commissioner Mike Keating commented on the idea and he thinks that even a fine of around the $50 mark could be a deterrent.

“It’s worth considering in the long run to see if it would affect road safety, and any initiative that improves road safety is always a good thing,” he said.

Mr Keating has said that more than 10% of fatalities each year are pedestrian deaths and a high percentage of those are due to not paying attention to the road.

The team at Auto Advantage would like to remind you to focus on the vehicles that are surrounding you and to be safe on our roads, especially during the Christmas period.

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