Auto Advantage and Maxim Accounting and Business Advisors

Auto Advantage and Maxim Accounting and Business Advisors celebrate partnership

This year, Auto Advantage and Maxim Accounting & Business Advisors will be celebrating a 15-year business partnership which has delivered small to medium businesses with fleet management services as well as private vehicles across the region.

The partnership between the two began in the local business community progressing into the private market overtime.

“I think people get worn-out with the whole process of going from car yard-to-car yard, especially people with a busy lifestyle,” Auto Advantage General Manager, Simon Duwner said.

“They will spend two or three days looking through car yards and kicking tyres, so to speak,” he said.

The Director of Maxim Accounting & Business Advisors, Steve Roxby explains how Maxim aims to provide assistance to their business clients, in particular, dealing with businesses of small to medium size.

“The owners don’t often have a lot of time and don’t want to run around car yards to find the best prices, so to speak,” Roxby said.

“For me it is about time saving and for the clients, it is about the same thing – trying to make their time more efficient.”

Maxim Accounting & Business Advisors director Steve Roxby explains how businesses, at their core, are about relationships and particularly building constructive relationships.

“For me it is important to be able to refer my clients to someone that could build a relationship and be honest with the client about the car they want, the price they want, and the expectations they have,” Roxby said.

The partnership between the two organisations is only growing, which is displayed through the influx of their client databases.

“I certainly hope the future between Auto Advantage and Maxim Accounting & Business Advisors keeps growing and that we will be able to assist our customers and their children for generations to come,” Duwner says.

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