Auto Advantage’s top tyre tips

Auto Advantage’s top tyre tips

Your car’s tyres are critical to its overall performance and your safety. So, you need to make sure you’re looking after them.

Just like the technology we see popping up in new cars on the market, tyre technology has progressed over time. As a result, car and tyre manufacturers have been working closely to make sure vehicles and tyres are matched in a more holistic way. It is important to remember that regardless of the model you’re driving, the overall performance and safety of your vehicle is directly related to the quality of your tyres.

However, it is all too common that drivers continue to drive on worn out tyres. Recent surveys have shown that as many as 80 per cent of drivers had tyres with issues such as incorrect pressure, damage or illegal tread depth.

It is essential that your tyres have good deep tread channels to deal with wet conditions. If the tyre is worn out, remaining tread cannot adequately disperse water. When this occurs, a film of water is sandwiched between the tyre and the road’s surface causing grip to disappears. This is known as aquaplaning.

Bald tyres are extremely dangerous because there is no tread to pump the water away, meaning your car will be slipping and sliding as soon as rain appears.

Tyres have wear indicators that tell you when the tread is too low. Look closely at the shoulder of the tyre and you’ll see several marker arrows. These are approximately 30cm apart around the edge of the tyre and point to the location of the wear indicators. The wear indicators are raised bumps, around 1.6mm high in the main channels of the tread.

A new tyre has around 8-9mm of tread depth, but as we drive the tread wears down. Once it wears down to the top of the wear bars, it’s time for new tyres.

Tyres loose air frequently through the rubber, so it’s important to check your air pressure weekly. The pressure of your tyres will have a strong effect on your car’s overall performance as well as the longevity of your tyres. Make sure you check your air pressure when your tyres are cool, as heat will affect pressure. Be sure to check your spare tyre regularly in case of an emergency.

Taking care of your vehicle’s tyres will not only make your tyres last longer, but will also keep your car in good shape for longer.

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