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Tech in cars

Tech in cars It may seem like the days of simplicity are long gone, with new vehicles featuring an ever-growing array of gizmos and gadgets, many of which are standard. It can often be daunting getting behind the wheel and [...]

Car seat safety

Car seat confusion The best way to prevent injuries to children in a crash is by taking care to correctly restrain them while travelling in a car. By law, all passengers must be restrained appropriately at all times when travelling [...]

The morning after a big night

The morning after a big night A question most people ask themselves the morning after a big night is, ‘when am I okay to drive?’ Over the years research has shown that two out of five Australians miscalculate their blood [...]

Do you need a dash cam in your vehicle?

Do you need a dash cam in your vehicle? What is a dash cam? Well, a year or two ago it is something you would have never heard of. Over the past couple of years dash cams have become increasingly [...]

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