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Perfexion® Paint Protection

Welcome to a world with no more weekends wasted polishing and buffing your vehicle. With Perfexion you can just wash and go.

Warrantied protection against;
• Oxidation, fading and discolouration.
• Loss of gloss.
• Water spotting caused by acid rain.
• Insect etching.
• Tar and road grime damage.
• Bird and bat droppings.
• Tree sap stains.

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Perfexion® Leather Protection

Keeping your leather truly clean is a near impossible task. Rest assured, no matter how hard you are on your leather, Perfexion has got you covered.

Warrantied protection against;
• Fading and cracking.
• Food and drink stains.
• Perspiration stains.
• Dye transfer stains.
• Make-up stains.
• Ink markers.
• Pet stains.
• Odours.

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Perfexion® Superior Tint

There ’s no doubt that tinted windows on a vehicle look great. Perfexion Superior Tint reduces the temperature of your car’s interior while protecting it from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays using the darkest legal tint.

With an SPF of 285+ it is your ultimate protection against the sun. The unique scratch-resistant coating does not fade and resists up to 99% of all UV rays while reflecting up to 60% of the heat and glare away from the cabin.

Warrantied protection against;
• Peeling, cracking or bubbling.
• Colour fading.

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Perfexion® Vinyl & Fabric Protection

Vinyls and fabrics in modern vehicles may seem tough but they still need to be cared for. Perfexion is the ultimate defence against everyday wear and tear.

Warrantied protection against;
• Splitting and cracking.
• Normal wear and tear caused by friction.
• Dye transfer.
• Food and drink stains.
• Make-up, perspiration and pet stains.
• Odours

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Perfexion® Electronic Rust Module

The one thing that most modern vehicles have in common is they are made from steel – and steel rusts.

The Perfexion Electronic Rust Module is compatible with all new and used vehicles. The advanced electronic technology assists in reducing rust and corrosion.

The unit is easily fitted and acts as an innovative, eco-friendly alternative to petroleum-based chemical sprays.

Warrantied protection against;
• Corrosion perforation (hole) of the vehicle’s grounded body panels, in normal circumstances.
• Surface rust caused by stone chips in the paintwork.

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