Celebrating 12 years in partnership

 Celebrating 12 years in partnership

This year, Auto Advantage and McDonald Jones Homes will be celebrating their 12th year in partnership. Over these years Auto Advantage has provided McDonald Jones Homes with its specialty fleet services, helping the team as they grow and expand their practices across the country.

“The very first time I worked with the McDonald Jones Group was back in the old East Maitland office,” Simon Duwner, General Manager of Auto Advantage said. “The first car we sourced for the team was a Holden Commodore station wagon back in 2006. Things have changed a bit since then”.

Now operating in its 30th year, McDonald Jones Homes is the largest builder in NSW, working across most states along the eastern seaboard. From its humble beginnings back in the East Maitland office, housing just a dozen staff, the company has grown considerably over time to include around 650 employees and a turnover in excess of $700 million. Over this time, the company has needed to adapt in all areas to accommodate its growing needs.

For the last 12 years, McDonald Jones Homes has trusted Auto Advantage to assist in the buying and management of vehicles to keep up with their growing demand, from a single station wagon back in 2006, to a fleet that has included more than 300 motor vehicles to date. McDonald Jones Homes get out of Auto Advantage a service that goes for the period that they own the vehicles, when to service them, when to maintain them, when to change them over. “Their expertise is building houses; our expertise is helping them buy and sell vehicles and maintain them in that process,” Simon said.

“One of the key benefits is that we don’t have to worry about the process. Auto Advantage does everything that we need to make sure that we’ve got vehicles for all our employees” MJH Chief Financial Officer, Luke Elkington said.

In addition to this strong working relationship, McDonald Jones Homes and Auto Advantage have worked closely in their effort to Build for a Cure. The Build for a Cure initiative was created by Children’s Cancer Institute, McDonald Jones Homes, and Walker Corporation to mark International Childhood Cancer Awareness month each year. The initiative sees a house built in just 28 days and a major raffle sold to raise funds needed for research. The Auto Advantage team were thrilled to take part in this fund-raising mission supplying a Mitsubishi Mirage for auction with the proceeds going to the build for a cure initiative.

Auto Advantage and McDonald Jones Homes look forward continuing their partnership into the future working closely in both business and community projects.

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