Controversial road rule amended

Controversial road rule amended

Over the last 12 months the New South Wales government has been trialling a new road rule that meant motorists had to slow down to 40km/h when passing stationary emergency vehicles with flashing blue or red lights.

The trial has now been completed and the rule has been reviewed and amended, now on roads with a speed limit of 90km/h or more motorists are not obliged to slow down to 40km/h. Instead, they are required to slow down safely to a speed that is reasonable for the circumstances of the road if the road is 80km/h or less drives must still abide by the 40km/h rule.

The amendment was due to the overwhelming amount of negative public feedback on social media that expressed concerns that the trial rule in its current form, may increase the risk to drivers, particularly on high-speed roads and in the presence of heavy vehicles.

In addition to emergency vehicles displaying blue or red lights, the amended rule will further extend to motorists passing stationary tow trucks and breakdown assistance vehicles that are displaying yellow flashing lights.

Those who don’t abide by the new rule will face a $457 fine as well as the loss of three demerit points. The changes to the rule will commence on Thursday 26th of September 2019, to find out more about the rule click here.

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