Did you know you could be fined for eating behind the wheel?

Did you know you could be fined for eating behind the wheel?

Most of us admit to eating behind the wheel at some stage, which not only means you are risking the safety of the other drivers around you but could also receive a fine.

There is confusion among drivers about whether eating and driving is legal in Australia, but it comes as a bit of a legal grey area.

There isn’t an exact road rule that states you aren’t allowed to eat whilst driving, however, drivers can receive a fine if it is affecting their level of concentration or control. Australian road rule 27 says; “a driver must not drive a vehicle unless the driver has proper control of the vehicle”.

Although this is be decided upon by individual policeman and on a case by case basis. In NSW you could get a fine up to $433 and lose three demerit points if the police believe you are driving dangerously or erratically.

Most of us would probably brush this off thinking that eating and driving can’t be that dangerous and that it doesn’t stop you focussing on the road. A 2015 study at the Griffith Health Institute in Queensland studied the effects of eating while driving and came to the conclusion that this could in fact be just as dangerous as texting while driving.

Dr Chris Irwin who was the lead researcher spoke to SBS about the study and said; “the trials involving texting or eating when driving both caused about the same amount of decrement to driving performance.”

This rule brings common sense into question; obviously there are things that are much easier to eat whilst driving over other harder things.

This time of year can be extremely busy for us all and we are often rushing around to different shops, Christmas parties, or setting off on a Christmas holiday. The team at Auto Advantage would like to encourage you all to make smart decisions whilst driving this Christmas so that you can keep yourself, your loved ones and others on the road safe.

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