Do you need a dash cam in your vehicle?

Do you need a dash cam in your vehicle?

What is a dash cam? Well, a year or two ago it is something you would have never heard of. Over the past couple of years dash cams have become increasingly popular and so many cars that travel throughout big cities have them attached to their dashboards.

A dash cam is a video camera that is attached to either a vehicle’s dashboard or windscreen, which records the view of the road and traffic.

Dash cams started out as being used as evidence in case you were in car accident etc. However, recently some people have bought them for entertainment and educational purposes. The most common use though is still to assist drivers as it can act as a ‘witness’ for road incidents, whether it be an accident involving your vehicle or someone else’s.

AAMI Insurance spokesman Reuben Aitchison says dash cams are an important source of evidence during disputes.

“We’ve had a few claims where dash-cam footage from a customer has helped us decide the claim and determine that the customer is not at fault,” he says.

“That’s saved the customer the cost of their excess, which for some customers is around $500 or $600.

“Witness statements and recall is notoriously inefficient. There are gaps in our memory and there’s a tendency to fill those with things that may not have happened. Dash cams tend to remove all doubt,” Aitchison says.

Some people have concerns around the legal laws of dash cams, but it turns out you’re in the clear. There is some controversy over the fact that they are invading other people’s privacy who have not consented to be filmed, however it is actually legal provided they are not engaging in private acts.

Malcolm Cumming, Principle at Maurice Blackburn Lawyers, says that privacy is not an issue when it comes to using dash cams in public, and that “with the increased usability and affordability of those, will see them used increasingly.”

The team at Auto Advantage want to remind you to always drive safely on our roads and not put yourself or others in danger, especially now, because you never know when you are going to appear on some else’s dash cam footage.

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