Do your airbags need to be replaced?

Do your airbags need to be replaced?

The number of cars in Australia that still need to replace their defected Takata air bags is at almost 1 million. Overall there were almost 4 million cars recalled due to their faulty air bags. These recalls have been sent out over the last 5 years which has given drivers plenty of time to get their vehicles looked at, however there is still a very large number that haven’t.

Head of Media and Consumer Advocate at Mozo, Tom Godfrey, has expressed his concern for the almost 1 million drivers that haven’t attended to their recall. “When these airbags fail, they fail catastrophically. They fire shrapnel at you and your family,” he said. This is mostly due to heat and humidity which is something that Australians not only have to deal with in summer but also autumn. The Takata airbag problem has already caused at least 23 deaths and hundreds of injuries.

The drivers that haven’t responded to the recall may be very regretful after Mozo has started publicly explaining that this could indeed void accident claims depending on who their insurance company is. According to Mozo some insurance companies ‘won’t cover drivers if they fail to take reasonable precautions to prevent loss or legal liability.’

Not sure if you have received one of these recalls? Well the easiest way to check is by visiting the and registering your number plate. Once you do that it will come up telling you whether or not your car is affected by the recall.

Alternatively ACCC Product Safety Australia has a website that lists all the active recalls where you can search for Takata airbag recalls by make, model or year.

Auto Advantage wants to remind all their customers that driving safely on our roads isn’t all that you need to do. By making sure you vehicle is safe to be on the roads prior to driving safely is just as important. We can’t stress enough how important this recall is.

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