Get the best deal on your next car

Get the best deal on your next car

We can always get you the best deal on new and used cars, but it’s still important for you to work to a budget. Calculate the amount you can realistically afford before you even start looking for a car. Don’t stress. We can help.

There’s no point considering a model that doesn’t fit with your budget. And there’s no point having to make unnecessary sacrifices. Consider the bigger picture. The financial impact of buying a car goes beyond just the purchase price. Running costs should be taken into account and residual value. What might it be worth when it comes time to sell or trade in?

Auto Advantage makes the whole process not only manageable, but enjoyable. We offer independent advice on your budgeting and, and if your heart’s not already set on a certain model, we can help you decide.

Once you have peace of mind regarding your “spend” we can package the financing options for you, through our partners at Lend Advantage, whether it is a personal loan or one of our leasing options.

It is our job to haggle the best possible price for our customers and have a broad national network from which we can find the right car for you. Inspections, test drive and all the arrangements to get you on the road are all part of our service.

We are experts at getting the car you want at the lowest possible price. Since 2001, Auto Advantage has helped tens of thousands of people save time, money and stress during the purchase of cars.

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