Getting techy

Getting techy

You may have noticed that promotions for the latest car models are less concerned with engine capacity and performance, and more concerned with access to the latest technology.

Car manufacturers are scrambling to make sure that new models include the latest tech additions such as Bluetooth connectivity, WiFi, music and more. But for those who have purchased cars within the recent or later models, tech connectivity was just not accessible…until now.

Interesting news has surfaced for Ford owners, with the introduction of ‘FordPass SmartLink’ announced to be available nationwide later this year.

The manufacturer recently announced that through the ‘FordPass SmartLink’ device, all new vehicles will have 4G LTE by 2019. Ford has also announced that vehicles manufactured between 2010 and 2017 will be able to access a SmartLink upgrade.

For more than two years. Ford has been working with Delphin Automotive and Verizon Wireless to cultivate the new plug-in device. Vehicle owners will be able to use a smartphone to start the engine and lock car doors. It will also include a 4G WiFi hotspot which is able to be linked to up to eight devices as well as vehicle location assistance.

SmartLink will use both App and Web Portal platforms to activate the wireless features. The app will unlock information about the vehicle’s systems, allowing drivers to locate their car on a map in real time, and retrieve maintenance information about the vehicles internal systems.

Initial reports indicate that the FordPass SmartLink system will need to be installed professionally at a cost to the car owner. This system has an estimated cost of $17 per month over a 24 month period.

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