Guess who the winner is…

Guess who the winner is…

A look back at the best sellers over the last 10 years in the car market, the chart toppers for 2017 and what we have to look forward to for 2018.

Over the last 10 years we have seen the interests of car buyers’ change from smaller cars to SUVs and dual-cab utes. Back in 2008 the Holden Commodore was at the top of people’s lists with the always classic Toyota Corolla coming a close second and the Toyota Hilux in third place.

SUVs were starting to become the flavor of the month but the types of SUVs people were talking about and purchasing, compared to the popular choices now, have changed drastically. The types of SUVs on the market 10 years ago were genuinely capable off-road vehicles and less ‘urbanised’ than what you can purchase today.

Car sales were on the rise last year with total sales of 1,189,116 vehicles, and for the first time in history SUVs outdid passenger cars which means that buyers’ preferences are constantly changing. The Toyota Corolla has stayed the constant favourite brand over the last 10 years, still holding two of the top three spots in sales. The current top three purchased vehicles are, the Toyota HiLux in first place, the Ford Ranger at number two and coming in third is everybody’s go to car, the Toyota Corolla.

Toyota is leading the market at the moment selling 215,566 vehicles last year which is over 100,000 more than any other carmaker in the industry. It will probably come as no surprise to most that Toyota has both the HiLux and the Corolla in the top three as they have been car buyers’ favourite vehicles for years and both have played an essential role throughout Toyota’s foundational years.

Dual-Cab utes are no longer a car that is designed for ‘tradies’ to carry their tools etc, carmakers have realized that by stretching the cabin, reducing the tray size, replacing the vinyl floor, and adding some creature comforts they would become much more in demand. Most makes have replaced their underpowered engines with more efficient high output turbo ones and this has helped the appeal as fuel consumption for the size of these vehicles is reasonable.

As for what 2018 is looking like…the Toyota HiLux is still the front runner. These are however only early indications but so far it seems that the top sellers from 2017 may be the same for 2018. The Toyota HiLux and Ford Ranger are still comfortably in first and second position it is however the third position that is being fought for. The Mazda3 was looking like it was creeping up on the Toyota Corolla at the end of February but by the end of March the Corolla was locked back into third place. It seems buyers will just have to wait and see what the favourites end up being for 2018.

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