Is buying a demo car a good idea?

Is buying a demo car a good idea?

Dealerships are always trying to sell demonstrator cars (or ‘demos’). A demo is a car that is driven by managers, salespeople or test driven by many prospective car buyers but are still technically and legally referred to as new.

Dealerships may tell you that the demo has been immaculately maintained, citing its use by a dealership executive. They may also say that you can get a far better deal on this demo than you would get on a brand new car.

Our advice is – beware.

Most dealerships offer customers a discount for purchasing a demo car, which may seem generous at first glance. However, our experience tells us that the selling price of a demonstrator car is often not much less than if you purchased the same vehicle brand new.

In some cases there is considerable mileage on a “new” demo car, which for some manufacturers, is subtracted from the mileage allotment of your ‘factory warranty.’ Many demos also have wear and tear that may not be noticeable when first looking at the car. For example, the tyres on a demo car will need to be changed a lot sooner than if you were to buy a brand new car.

When buying a demo car, often there is not much choice as the dealer will normally only have one or two demo models on the floor. That means when it comes to choosing things like colour, and interor etc.

All of this means that the demo suddenly doesn’t seem so attractive.

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