Meet the worlds first solar powered family car

Meet the worlds first solar powered family car, Stella Vie

Meet Stella, the world’s first solar powered family car. Built for the World Solar Challenge right here on Australian soil, some 21 students from various faculties within the Netherlands’ Eindhoven University of Technology worked tirelessly to develop the most efficient car today. The vision for Stella was to build a family car that provided a balance between making an efficient car, and making a car which will stand the test of time.

Efficient doesn’t begin to describe the Stella Vie. Dubbed as the most efficient family car that has ever been built, the Stella Vie gives us a glimpse into the future of driving and energy.

Unlike any electric car, Stella is capable of driving up to 800 kilometers on a single charge. Unlike any other family car, Stella won’t cost anything to run. The energy needed to run the car is drawn directly from the solar panels positioned on the roof. Meaning, that the sunlight it absorbs during the day while parked or driving is used the keep it running. By using this method of solar power, emissions are reduced to zero. Furthermore, the energy needed to run the car is significantly lower than the amount of energy that is generated through the solar panels. Ultimately, Stella generates more energy than it uses. This excess energy can then be supplied back into the home to power the grid.

While these solar cars are not yet commercially developed, they are expected to creep their way into showrooms as consumers push for a cost effective mode of transport. In the meantime, this technology continues to broaden, spreading innovative energy solutions to a variety of fields.

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