New Look Toyota Camry

New Look Toyota Camry

Camry’s have come a long way since they went on sale in Australia in 1983. The first Camry to come on the scene was quite progressive at the time of its release, boasting ‘multi-point fuel injection and front-wheel-drive.’

Since their inception, the Camry has been a staple family car. A safe and sensible option for many on the market. However, ‘safe’ and ‘sensible’ have quickly become synonymous with ‘boring’. The 2018 model has made strides to overcome this image and shine a light on the Camry once more.

The new look 2018 Toyota Camry has been labeled “mundane no more,” tailored to target not just the typical Camry audience and have opted for a more ‘sportier’ look.

The 2018 model is the first sedan built on Toyota’s new platform, Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA). Greater torsional rigidity and a lower center of gravity meant the designers had more freedom to produce something lower and much sportier than the previous models.

There have been many technical changes to make it look edgier while still keeping the element of practicality we have come to expect from the Camry. The new model has been made to remain recognizable while still attempting to convey a classic ‘sports look’ by adding obvious front and rear bumper designs.

The hybrids feature a new 2.5-litre four-cylinder which has been matched to a new hybrid system. These changes have improved fuel consumption up to 19 percent over the old model of Camry. The practicality side of things comes into play with new and improved boot space as the battery has been repositioned from behind the rear seats to under the floor.

Prices start at $27,690 for a standard Camry Ascent which is only $1200 more than the old model. You will start to see a rise in prices with the ascent sports and V6 models, these also include extra features. The top model, the V6 model SL, is priced at $43,990.

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