New road rule to protect emergency service workers

New road rule to protect emergency service workers

A 12 month trial beginning in September will see motorists having to travel 40km/hr when driving past emergency service workers.

Starting September 1 this year there will be a new road rule coming into play in New South Wales for a 12 month trial period. The new law has come after following a comprehensive public education campaign.

The road rule will see drivers slowing down to 40km/hr when driving past emergency vehicles displaying red and blue flashing lights that are stationary on the side of the road. This includes, police cars, fire engines and ambulances. Unless the lanes are divided by a median strip then drivers travelling in both directions must follow the rule.

The law was announced by Minister for Police and Emergency Services, Troy Grant, in April this year. He said that the 40km/hr rule will provide extra protection for our emergency service personnel who put their lives on the line each day they go to work.

“Our emergency service workers and volunteers are out there every day, often putting themselves in harm’s way to protect us and keep us safe on the roads. Our police, fire fighters, ambulance officers, State Emergency Service and rescue volunteers do difficult and dangerous work with no or little fanfare. These new measures will help ensure the safety of our dedicated emergency service personnel,” Mr Grant Said.

Victoria, Western Australia and South Australia have similar rules in place. In South Australia drivers are required to reduce their speed to 25km/hr when driving past emergency service workers.

According to the NSW Government they will monitor the safety and traffic impacts of the rule of the 12-month trial period in consultation with NSW Police, emergency service organisations as well as stakeholder groups.

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