NRMA introduces new patrol vans to slash wait times

NRMA introduces new patrol vans to slash wait times

The latest roadside assistance vehicles from NRMA can do it all, even slash your wait time for a tow truck by almost an hour.

The NRMA has announced that one hundred new Mercedes Benz patrol vans will be rolled out by the end of the financial year. The vehicles will continue to provide members will general roadside assistance and battery replacements, as well as have the capacity to tow vehicles when necessary.

NRMA’s previous patrol vans were quite successful, with 93% or call outs able to resolve issues on the spot and get vehicles back on the road. However, this meant 7% of call-outs could not be adjusted, leaving motorists in need of a tow truck. This could mean long waits and inconvenience for motorists.

The new addition of patrol vans with towing capacity allows the NRMA to provide further assistance to its customers and deliver drastic reductions in wait time. The vans will be able to tow 80% of popular vehicles on the road, supporting the NRMA’s mission to keep people moving.

NRMA General Manager Roadside Operations, Mel Kansil, says, “We’ve been focusing on how we can use technology to significantly reduce the amount of time people spend on the side of the road when they’ve broken down and need a tow. With the average age of vehicles registered in Australia 10 years or older, we know people are keeping cars for longer and will need the kind of service the NRMA offers more than ever.”


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