NRMA pushes for safer young drivers

NRMA pushes for safer young drivers

Every day just over 1,000 people under the age of 25 are killed in road accidents around the world. With 40 drivers aged 17 to 25 losing their lives on NSW roads in 2016 making road trauma the main source of injuries for young people in NSW. The NRMA has developed an 8 point plan to keep young drivers safe.

Released last month, the report, Come Home Safe, is part of the Road Safety Series outlining areas of improvement to help make young drivers safe.

  1. An independent evaluation of the effectiveness of the NSW licensing scheme with the results made publicly available.
  2. A trial of connected car devices to allow continuous assessment of driver behavior, with the potential of rewarding safe young drivers.
  3. An education campaign on buying the safest car you can afford, targeting young drivers and their parents.
  4. Registration discount to provisional drivers who register a 5-star ANCAP or UCSR rated car.
  5. Reward young drivers with a free license when they maintain a clean probationary driving record, delivering a much-needed saving of $56 for a one year license, $134 for a three year license or $180 for a five year license.
  6. Dedicated funding for education programs targeted at building the skills and education of young drivers in the years prior to obtaining a learner’s permit.
  7. Publicly release the results of the P Drivers project to inform the development of best-practice driver education programs.
  8. Additional funding to support learner driver mentoring programs for indigenous and at-risk communities.

NRMA Chairperson, Tim Trumper, explained, “as the road toll in NSW continues to rise the NRMA wants the NSW Government to look toward innovative incentive approaches to help keep young drivers safe”.

Much of the NSW Road Safety Plan 2021 rightly focuses on strong enforcement of laws that aim to stop reckless behaviour that lead to deaths on our roads. The NRMA believes this should be complemented with the encouragement and rewarding of safe young drivers by adopting a proposal already introduced in several states and territories across Australia.

The NRMA believes that the reward of free licensing would provide an incentive to maintain a clean record, while giving all youth the opportunity of affordable access to a license allowing them to maintain connectivity and employment opportunities.

The NRMA also believes that making safer cars more affordable is alarmingly critical as we know that drivers of low rated vehicles under the Used Car Safety Rating scheme are 10 times more likely to be killed or seriously injured than drivers in the safer vehicles.

At its core, the plan aims to improve the driver education and encourage safe driving behavior in young people.

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