How to Spring Clean Your Car

You don’t need to pay hundreds of dollars to get your car detailed this spring. Here are a few steps to getting rid of that winter grime so that your car gets the spring clean it deserves.

Step One: Start with the interior

Start by removing all the rubbish you have accumulated over the winter period. Yes, this includes the six drink bottles you have lying under your seat. Using either a vacuum or stiff brush clean out any debris, dust or dirt. Don’t forget to lift the floor mats, check under and on top of car seats to give it a thorough clean.

Step Two: No time for dirt on your dash

Take a soft microfiber cloth dipped in water to wipe down your dash, if the interior is particularly dirty try using warm soapy water instead. Once your dash is clean and dry- you can add some shine by polishing it with a car polisher. Of course, this tip is optional.

Step Three: Hand-wash the exterior to leave it gleaming

When choosing the right detergent to use on your car’s exterior make sure it is close to pH neutral. This will eliminate hard water spots that can be left on your paintwork as a result of minerals in the mains water. Also choose a liquid that bubbles up, this will help remove grit and grime without damaging your cars paintwork.

Once you have your detergent all you will need is a decent size bucket and sponge, this will allow you to have a continuous supply of soapy water to clean even the largest of vehicles.

Hot tip: is to prepare two buckets- one with your soapy solution and the other with fresh, clean water. This means you can rise your sponge in the clean water before loading it back up with the soapy water.

Step Four: It’s drying time

Once your vehicle is washed and rinsed take a high quality microfiber drying cloth and dry your car of any water residue. Letting your car air dry will leave watermarks so all your hard arm work cleaning the exterior would all be for nothing.

Step Five: Windows last but not least

Clean your windows using a mild cleaner for windows. Avoid using glass cleaner as the chemicals are too harsh for car windows.

Hot tip: find a cleaner without ammonia to best clean and protect your windows. To avoid leaving streaks or spots use a microfiber cloth.

Follow these five steps to have your car looking fresh and clean for spring, you and your car will thank us later.

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