The morning after a big night

The morning after a big night

A question most people ask themselves the morning after a big night is, ‘when am I okay to drive?’

Over the years research has shown that two out of five Australians miscalculate their blood alcohol content (BAC). Most times you feel like you are okay to drive after a night of drinking, you probably aren’t.

It is dependent on each individual as to how fast your body is able to break down the alcohol from the night before, but it comes as no surprise that you aren’t able to speed up this process no matter how many myths there is out there that food, black coffee etc. help, they don’t.

Small amounts of alcohol leave your body in your urine and sweat but it is your liver that breaks down the majority of the alcohol you have consumed. A healthy liver is normally about to break down less than one standard drink per hour, however if you liver isn’t so healthy then the process takes longer. This also depends on the alcohol content that was in your drinks and it also goes of a person’s weight, gender and height.

If the night before has been a big one it can take more than 18 hours for your BAC to get back to zero which means that most people are legally unable to drive until the following evening.

The safest way to know if you are under the legal limit to drive is to use a breathalyzer. Most people don’t purchase one due to some being expensive, but they are worth the investment if you are able to find out if you are safe to drive.

The team at Auto Advantage wants to remind you to make informed and safe decisions before you drive on our roads, always have a plan B.

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