Tips to help you become an attentive pedestrian

Tips to help you become an attentive pedestrian

It is not only driver’s responsibility to ensure they are looking out for pedestrians, it is also up to the individual pedestrian to make sure they are aware of what is going on around them. So many accidents could be avoided if pedestrians were more conscious of their surroundings before stepping out onto the road.

Ambulance Service of New South Wales has put together a checklist of some important safety rules for pedestrians. They believe that if you follow these rules the number of injured pedestrians could be reduced.

Most of them may seem very simple and obvious but it was always good to have a reminder about pedestrian guidelines.

  • Avoid jaywalking and use designated pedestrian crossings and traffic lights
  • Wait for the traffic signals to turn green before crossing
  • Look both ways multiple times before using any type of crossing
  • Don’t use electronic devices when crossing the road
  • Be aware that vehicles may take longer to stop in wet weather
  • Judgement may be reduced after the consumption of alcohol, so do not make any irrational decisions
  • Make yourself known to drivers, they need to be able to see you in order to keep you safe
  • Familiarise yourself with drivers blind spots so that you are not in them
  • Eye contact with drivers can help when crossing busy roads, that way you know that they have seen you

It is important to make sure you are always considering these rules no matter where you are. However, it is imperative that you are diligent and aware when in busy central business districts of both small and big cities.

Auto Advantage wants to remind all our clients to not only be safe when you are driving your vehicle but also when you are walking and crossing roads. Pedestrian awareness could help to keep you out of a fatal accident.

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