Top tips to keep you safe on the roads during a road trip

Top tips to keep you safe on the roads during a road trip

Road trips with friends and loved ones are fun but there are a number of things you need to remember so that you can enjoy a safe trip.

How long since your car has been inspected? Better to be safe than sorry and get a road safety inspection before you hit the road. This includes checking things like oil, water in your windscreens, wiper blades, brakes and tyre pressure.

Is your car due for a service? Check with your mechanic and see if your car needs a service before you leave for your road trip. Make sure you schedule an appointment if one needs to be made as they can pick up on a variety of different things that may need fixing.

Baby on board? If you have a little one travelling with you then make sure the car seat is correctly installed. Car seats can often be tricky to install and can be put in wrong, to make sure it is done properly it’s best to get someone to install it professionally.

Is your GPS installed? Knowing where you’re going on a road trip is quite important as you never know where you could end up when you are lost in a foreign area. A back up option for directions such as a printed map or phone maps are useful in case something goes wrong with your car one.

Stop. Revive. Survive. Stopping every 2 hours or whenever you are feeling drowsy can prevent fatal car accidents from happening. Get out of the car, have something to eat, go for a walk or have a short nap and you will be back on the road in no time.

Fill the car with your favourite snacks. Stock up on all your favourite road trips snacks and don’t forget some healthy ones too. That way when it is time for lunch you can pull into a scenic location and enjoy a packed meal rather than stopping at a busy fast food outlet.

Keep your eyes peeled for unsafe drivers. Just because you are a safe driver, it doesn’t mean other people are following road rules. In peak holiday times there are more drivers on the road than other times of the year and this causes people to drive erratically in traffic. Stay safe and report any unsafe driving that you see.

Do you know how to change your spare tyre? Make sure you check your roadside assistance membership before you leave home to see if they cover you in the areas that you are travelling to. If they don’t, make sure you learn how to change your spare tyre either by asking a friend or watching a tutorial online and then practicing before you go.

Last but not least, don’t forget your playlist. Whether you customise your own playlist or hit shuffle on Spotify, music is a must for a road trip.

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