Top tips to keep your car in the best condition

Top tips to keep your car in the best condition

As a car owner you need to ensure you’re looking after your vehicle and maintaining it correctly.

It is said that to keep your car looking brand new you should aim to clean it thoroughly every two weeks. A top safety tip is to clean the interior first as this prevents the possible combination of electricity and water when you are vacuuming. To get those crystal clear windows you see when you buy a new car is not as hard as you may think. When washing the windows you need to start on the outside that way marks on the inside are easier to see. You don’t need fancy cleaning products, just spray a little bit of generic glass cleaner onto the window and wipe it over with a damp chamois cloth. You then need to use a clean, dry cloth to quickly polish off the moisture that is left on the window.

An important element of every motor car is the brake fluid. This fluid allocates the effort applied to the brake pedal by a driver’s foot to the mechanisms that make the vehicle come to a stop. You shouldn’t use fluid that has been kept for a long period of time after opening as it doesn’t mix well with moisture. The best code of practice would be to use fluid that is from a brand new container. If you accidentally spill brake fluid do not mop up, or wipe the area as it can damage the paintwork of your car. If you need to clean a spill, instantly flush it away with water.

When it comes to your engine overheating, prevention is better than cure. This means that you should be constantly checking your vehicle’s cooling system and making sure you are getting your car properly serviced. These two preventions will lessen the risk of overheating. However, if your car does happen to overheat then remember to never take off the radiator cap when your engine is hot. The engine, if overheated can take a couple of hours to cool down. Make sure you are finding the issue that has actually caused the engine to overheat rather than just adding water. Another top tip is to never use cold water when refilling a hot engine as it can actually cause further damage.

The importance of aligning your wheels on a regular basis is often overlooked. It is necessary to measure and set the car’s steering and suspension geometry. There are a few ways to tell if you are in need of a wheel alignment; the steering wheel is not centered, if you recall hitting large potholes or curbs, or you notice your tyres are wearing unevenly or if the car is pulling to one side. To ensure that your tyres are getting the longevity they should be, alignment should be reset after steering or suspension repairs and when tyres are renew.

If you follow these simple steps when maintaining your car it should remain as good as new.


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