What does a car broker do?

What does a car broker do?

Heard of a car broker, but never actually known what they do? This blog gives you an insight into what the car broker process is and why you should use Auto Advantage to purchase your next car.

Car brokers buy cars for a living. Not to on-sell them, but for individuals or corporations in the market for a new vehicle. We know all the tricks and traps of car-buying and sidestep them on your behalf. And because we do it every day, we can take advantage of bulk-buying discounts. You can leave the legwork, tyre-kicking and organising to us. Don’t stress on our behalf, it’s not quite as tough as it sounds. We have an extensive dealer network to source the best options.

We then “negotiate” – haggle – the best price for your new purchase and the best deal on your trade-in. While you enjoy an independent inspection we arrange on-road costs and specifications.

Finance options are available, and feel free to compare our offers with any you might have secured independently. We do assist with advice about the different finance packages, especially those that are attractive because of your personal situation such as chattel mortgages, novated leases and personal loans.

The best part of our job is delivering the car to you.

That’s car-broking in a nutshell. Unfortunately it leaves you with the really tough tasks … such as picking the make and model, its colours, tints, and accessories. Oh, and then you have to test drive it. Using a car broker to arrange a test drives removes the often stressful situation of turning up at a dealership and being subjected to a sales pitch while you are trying to evaluate a car.

We do not charge our customers. We receive a nominal fee from the dealer who has “won” your sale through their offer of the best price and vehicle.

We are experts at getting the car you want at the lowest possible price. Since 2001, Auto Advantage has helped tens of thousands of people save time, money and stress during the purchase of new cars.

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